June 27, 2007

My Trip to Woodbury, New Jersey, Orchard Hill Farm, Pennsylvania, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

The trip north was pleasant, including the flight to Philadelphia, even though I had a two-hour layover in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I took the opportunity take the tram from one section to another, and to walk through the terminal for exercise. I guess you know, dear Journal, that the Atlanta airport is the busiest passenger airport in the country, perhaps the world, and the hub for the southeastern United States. The crowds of people, and the distances you must cover to get to your connecting flight are both huge. Once on board the Philadelphia flight we sat in a queue waiting on the runway for half an hour.

When I arrived in Philadelphia, Adam and Stephen were there to greet me and to help me with my luggage. I had packed only one medium size bag, and a carry-on bag because I knew I would have to walk and drag my own luggage at Palm Beach International. Stephen ribbed me about it.

“What, a gay man with only two bags? You’re traveling for three weeks, Isaac! You should have at least three bags.”

“I know. I’m just not a good example to all you twinks.”

“Funny man. I’ll have you know I’m thirty, and can not possibly have been a twink for many years now.”

“Then be sure you act it.” I think I won that exchange.

I spent an entire week plus two days with Adam and Stephen until the school year ended, and Adam had finished his In Service days. During the weekend of June 9th and 10th the boys took me into Philadelphia where we did the Old City and the historical section including Ben Franklin’s house and print shop, Independence Hall, the National Constitution Museum, the Museum of the American Philosophical Society, Pennsylvania Hospital (the oldest hospital in the Nation, co-founded by Thomas Bond and Ben Franklin in 1751), and of course, we saw the liberty bell, though I had seen it several times before. Stephen wanted me to see the new location, “Liberty Bell Center,” at Sixth and Chestnut Street. It is a spectacular setting for the bell, and I was able to learn more about it than I ever had at its old resting place.

We covered a lot of territory very fast. I enjoyed the tour, but I was totally exhausted. I definitely knew what 87 years feels like, and I slept like a baby Sunday night (12 hours).

We finally left for Orchard Hill Farm and Pennsylvania Dutch Country on Wednesday, June 13th. I will leave that part of my journey for the next entry, dear Journal.

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