May 21, 2007

Making a Difference

Some of us don’t understanding that we are here to fulfill God’s purpose. What is God’s purpose? God created the universe and all things in it or, as some would have it, the universe is God. God would not have us destroy or knowingly let any part of that universe perish. However, mankind chooses to ignore God and pursue selfish ends. We are damaging our planet’s ecology, and putting entire species at risk. At the same time, some of us claim to choose God but revile entire nations, nationalities, races, ethnic groups, practitioners of specific faiths, and/or human sexualities in God’s name.

I wonder if God cries.

Excuse me; this threatens to descend into another religious diatribe. Rather, I would like to plug an organization that fights for justice when individuals and groups of people are treated as less than God’s own creation. That group is The Southern Poverty Law Center begun by Morris Dees and Joe Levin in 1971 – The organization under these men has fought ceaselessly against hate crimes, for racial justice, and has educated for tolerance – most recently achieving a reward of nine-million dollars for Billy Ray Johnson, the black handicapped Texan beaten and brain damaged by four white men at a late night field party in 2003.

The organization’s name suggests that the organization works only in the South. Not so - their programs such as “Teaching Tolerance” reach out to the entire nation. The Southern Poverty Law Center acts where others write proclamations. The organization is responsible for ending the involuntary sterilization of women in our welfare program (Yes, here in the USA!), dethroning the KKK, and where possible exposing and interrupting the Neo-Nazi/skinhead threat in the United States.

There are few organizations that achieve tangible goals and successful change toward eliminating hate and prejudice . Giving to The Southern Poverty Law Center is one way we can make a difference in this tortured world. I give on a yearly basis, and I believe that any person who claims to be Christian and/or moral must support The Southern Poverty Law Center in any way possible.

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