May 11, 2007

Fire! Fire! Fire!

According to The Weather Station there are/have been 220 brush fires burning in the state of Florida. It hasn’t rained but a drop or two here in North Palm Beach in 4 months. There is also a named storm spinning off the Georgia and North Florida coasts! However, there’s no such thing as global warming!

It seems to me we should be investing massively in alternative energy for two reasons. First, because we must wean ourselves off of expensive foreign oil, and second, because we must stop polluting the atmosphere with more heat absorbing carbon dioxide.

I’ve been looking into alternative energy sources, and I’ve decided to buy some General Electric stock since they are heavily into wind power. I live near Florida Power and Light, and they are also heavily invested in wind power. However, I refuse to invest in FPL since they fly their executives into and out of their headquarters every day by helicopter from all over the state. The damn thing must run six times a day. What a waste of money and energy! I am also going to buy some solar stock, specifically Evergreen Solar Incorporated currently trading at $9.44 with a range of $6.97 -$14.44. They are a small company, but they are about to build a new 150 million dollar plant in Massachusetts.

Sub-tropical Storm Andrea

Back to the Old Camera

As I said, sub-tropical storm Andrea has been spinning out there in the Atlantic without giving us any rain. However, it has generated huge surf here in South Florida. I drove up to blowing rocks on Jupiter Island yesterday and took photographs. Gorgeous! I’ve included one here.

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Blogger Tom Gray said...

Thanks for the positive mention of wind power, Isaac. I just posted today on what it can to fight global warming.

Thomas O. Gray
American Wind Energy Association

10:49 PM  

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