May 08, 2007

I’ve completed my camera tests.

I've shot three of several scenes at the beach using the various settings as outlined my May 5th entry, downloaded the images, and compared them. I'm now more confused than ever. Sometimes the preset "Landscape" camera setting takes the best picture of the same scene. Other times the "A-DEP" setting works best, while in still other situations, the "Av" setting takes the photo with the best depth of field. I can't take three pictures of every location/object/portrait I like in the attempt to get the best image - the scene will often change before I can complete such a procedure. For instance if I’m trying to capture a crashing wave, it will not stop itself and wait for me to take three separate pictures in the attempt to get one that has the depth of field I need to capture foreground, middle ground, and background.



I’ve discovered a Sony 10.2 mega pixel camera. I think I’m going to return the Cannon and buy the Sony.

I have included an image taken with the camera (above). It is the best of the three taken of several breaking waves created by the nor’easter off the coast of Georgia, yesterday. That storm is still creating flooding and beach erosion all the way down the coast to Miami today.

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