April 29, 2007

The Iraq War failure isn’t even front page news.

It’s on the third page of the Palm Beach Post today. The water shortage and real estate disaster take up the front and 2nd pages. The Bush/Cheney oil oligarchy administration failure is secondary when put up against the problems of the wealthy members of their class in this rich county. Perhaps I’m being unfair. The water shortage is a problem for us all, even though the rich folks here use 350 times as much water as the average citizen. And, Democrats in Congress did give Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq back in 2002. Fools!

I thought I’d just remind myself about the real problem. All else is trickle down effect. It’s like a house of cards, or a row of dominos. Take one out and the rest collapses/falls with it. Frightening!

Brief Summary - Statistics

Estimates of Iraqi dead range from 50,000 to 90,000
3346 Americans dead
24,919 Americans wounded

Whether you blame the United States or the Iraqis themselves for Iraqi deaths, we started their civil war. Our simple-minded Neoconservative invasion had nothing to do with global terrorism, and everything to do with OIL and our gluttony. God forgive us! This entire affair is wrong headed, America! We're stuck with George Bush for another 631 days, and I’ll bet this country elects another Republican president in 2009.

I’ve lost all faith in Americans' ability to make intelligent decisions.

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