April 03, 2007

Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats are Making a Mistake

The sun shines brightly on the White House Rose Garden on this beautiful spring morning. In a few minutes the President will speak with reporters concerning the fight over funding for the Iraq War between he and the Democratic leaders of both Congress and Senate.

In an effort to increase the pressure on Mr. Bush to place limits on the Iraq war, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has now proposed a new bill that would pull the purse strings tight in March of 2008, all the while knowing he does not have enough Democratic votes to take the two-thirds majority necessary to carry his plan. The proposed bill is a mistake in strategy. It is guaranteed to backfire – at least short term because it absolutely provides both Mr. Bush and Vice President Cheney the ammunition they need, once again, to claim that Democrats do not support our troops. I know that such a statement is a stale, old and pathetic attempt to sully the patriotism of Democrats - but it works.

Unfortunately Mr. Bush, and Mr. Cheney are not just schoolyard bullies as so many of us picture them. They are upper crust, old money American aristocracy - yes, Virginia, there is still such a thing – with ties to the largest corporate interests in the world, and the most powerful evangelical protestant churches in the United States. Their strategist Carl Rove is the most brilliant of his kind. He and the neo-con thugs of this administration know that once again, Democrats play into their hands with this latest attempt to stall the inevitable. The Democratic majority in both houses will look foolish, and inept when they lose once again.

Right now, George Washington Bush (Ye gods, what a name!) is preparing in the oval office, surrounded by his supporters, going over notes. Someone is saying, “George, remember it’s A-may-ri-cah, not Amurca.” I can almost hear Mr. Bush gloating as he says to Mr. Cheney something like, “We are gon-na git-um.” And, I think he means all of the following - the oil, Iraq, the money and American Democrats.

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