February 24, 2007

Bush Plan Working in Iraq

Yes. I am tempted to hope that such a headline will exist, even though it would turn Bush’s ratings up from the abyss into which they have fallen, even though his presidency would be rescued from failure, even though the Democratic Party would suffer another loss in the 2008 elections. The Bush Presidency would not go down in history as the terminus of the United States ascendancy on the world stage. That headline would mark the beginning of the end for the civil war in Iraq that is tearing the country apart and killing thousands of its citizens.

Unfortunately that headline would also mean that the neoconservative philosophy that brought about the Iraq invasion would be justified, and the United States would embark on a spree of preemptive strikes designed to win “the war against terror,” and justified by a string of Republican hawkish presidents. Ultimately these wars would lead to the over-extension of, and finally to the economic collapse of the republic. I also know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the evangelical “end times” religious belief system that sustains millions of American’s in this evil war including President Bush himself would gain millions of more converts mired in a religion that encourages hate and divisiveness instead of the actual pluralistic unification of mankind through religious practices that recognize all of the teachings of God present on earth, Siddhartha Gotama, Mohammed, and Jesus Christ, among others.

Instead, the end of the Bush presidency will hopefully mark the time to begin working with the other nations of the world to end international terrorism through diplomatic cooperation rather than a unilateral preemptive terror of our own. Instead, working toward the end of the war in Iraq with the other nations of the world will hopefully mark the return to a Christian belief system in the United States based on the actual teachings of Jesus Christ rather than the self-serving institutionalized evangelical church practices seized by the small-minded charismatic leaders of those institutions.

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