February 01, 2007

Improved Health and Butterfly World


It’s been so pleasant and cool lately! I took advantage of the upper 60’s F, Canadian high pressure weather system yesterday and drove down to Broward County to see Butterfly World. It was the first big excursion out on my own since I had pneumonia, and I was a bit apprehensive since it has taken a long time and a lot of regular exercise to get my strength back. However, I had no problem with negotiating any of the driving and only a bit of difficulty with the walking that the trip entailed. In fact, I wasn’t terribly tired when I returned home, and I’ve decided I can start pushing myself harder in my walking, and exercise routine.

Other than the New Age music playing at top volume outside, I found Butterfly World to be fascinating, and I spent 3 hours wandering through the various aviaries. Each has a double (sort of air-lock) between it and the outside world. There are overlapping plastic strips hanging down, and signs that direct one to close the inside door before opening the outside door – all precautions to prevent the beautiful creatures from escaping into the natural habitat of South Florida. H-m-m-m-m-m - oxymoron that, as there’s not much of a natural habitat left here. It’s all concrete and buildings, planned gardens, road grid, giant trash heaps fifty to one-hundred-feet high that cover many acres, and other infrastructure with little left of the original flora and fauna. Be that as it may, the aviaries at Butterfly World were recreations of tropical rain forests complete with misty grottos and over 80 species of butterflies flashing their brilliant yellow, orange, red, blue, and green spotted stained-glass-like wings everywhere. One large neon blue and black fellow landed on my shoulder and stayed for over a minute and I became the center of attention as camera-bearing people descended on me from every direction. The fairy-tail environment created by these magnificent creatures was peaceful beyond belief. I sat down on a bench in one corner and rested there, incredulity filling my entire being as I allowed the aura of peace to descend and fill me like an empty vessel. I wish I were a great poet, or composer, so I could describe for you, dear Journal, the ecstasy that owned my soul and spirit.

After sitting for fifteen minutes, or more - I’m not sure how long I sat transfixed - I gradually pulled together the scattered parts of myself that were flying with the magnificent creatures around me. I got up and walked the jungle paths still floating, not completely of this earth. I stopped to read some of the signs, and discovered that many of these ethereal creatures lived no more that six days, the most long-lived, eleven.

Something shattered, like crystals, into a thousand small pieces – joy trampled to powdery sand beneath my feet – beaches – cumulous filled sky reflecting sunset pink and salmon oranges, hung above the aqua and green ocean and filled my heart - then, joyous revelation!

I too am like those magnificent creatures and my short cycle of days is almost gone. Soon I shall return to God. And yes, I shall return despite the evangelical belief to the contrary - I shall spread my rainbow wings, and he/she will open the gates and the light will fill me with the peace I knew yesterday, and I will dwell in God’s aviary until I am bid to return.

Peace, love, and grace to us all, and may God forgive us our smallness of spirit.

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Anonymous david-calgary said...

we humans forget how fragile we really are. thank-you for the gentle reminder. I'm happy to see your health continues to improve. I enjoy your writing very much.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Thank you, David.

10:58 AM  

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