March 21, 2007

Artworks About Passing: Sanctuary – 1950’s to 1970’s

I promised in my last entry that I would display some of the artwork I created during the time I was passing as heterosexual, and here they are with a brief description of my studio at Orchard Hill Farms. Sadly that studio no longer exists.

I kept my attic studio, “Sanctuary,” under lock and key much to Rebecca and Ruth’s consternation. I had to because all my visual and written fantasies including the pencil drawings of semi-nude Amish men and ink drawings of male anatomy were there. The Varnastrama journals in which I wrote about visits to an alternate reality, where men fought with outer-space-aliens for domination of a world in which the Roman Empire never collapsed were scribbled in black bound journals and kept on a shelf next to my rickety old desk. I also processed my photographs about the silver foil man in a tiny dark room in a closet at the back of that studio space. The foil man was my alter ego who reflected the life and light around him, but was isolated from that life by his metallic shell Thus, Sanctuary was the place in which I attempted through my art to deal with the strains of my secret double life.

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