March 03, 2007

Writing as a Form of Meditation

I woke up with the above title hovering like a deep velvet dark-but-luminous purple cloud at the edge of consciousness this morning. I don’t know what sparked it – the detritus of a forgotten dream perhaps – but after some thought, I know that I do use writing as a form of meditation.

I write every morning, during and after my breakfast. I write in the quiet of my bedroom. Sometimes I play baroque music softly while I work, sometimes not. The process frees my thoughts, opens and sometimes unlocks doors in the house of consciousness. Through the process I cleanse the mind, dust the furniture so to speak. Writing allows me to ascend the stairs to the attic, and descend to the basement in order to sort and clean the dark and cobwebbed corners there.

Now that I’ve bludgeoned the house metaphor to pieces, I would ask for reader’s comments. Can you site particular examples that serve to answer the following questions? Are there problems that writing has helped you to solve? Can writing have anything to do with altered states? Has writing served to carry you closer to your spiritual center?

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Anonymous Anna said...

I write dark/gothic poetry and a lot of it is emotional. I feel that writing should have meaning but still take the reader somewhere. In order to reach that meaning you have to reach inside and pull out some of the not-so-pretty aspects of a character. It's helped me in get in touch with my true self.

I think everyone reaches an altered state when it comes to being creative. That's one of the reasons we choose our locations carefully. I write in my bedroom because it's comforting and I'm guaranteed silence in there. It's the same with meditation...location and time is very important. In order to unlock your mind and free your creativity, you almost have to be in an altered state.

One has to be passionate, motivated and yet humble in order to do anything artistic. There is an inner peace that's created when you come closer to your spiritual center. That inner peace will bring balance and I've found that balance through writing.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Thank you for your comment, Anna. It sounds as though you are in complete agreement with my notion that writing can be a form of meditation. Do you put your writing on the Web? If so, might we know where?

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anna said...

My poetry/webpage is Unspeakable Truths.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Thankyou, Anna. I anticipate reading with pleasure.

11:54 AM  

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