May 18, 2007

Senator Fred Thompson, the Most Recent Republican Candidate for President

One More Super Conservative Candidate for President of the United Prejudiced States of America

Senator Fred Thompson
will be another super social conservative Republican Party candidate for President? Notice I said “social conservative.” He is being touted as a traditional Republican. He is not. The traditional Republican was financially conservative. He/she believed in balancing the budget, and states’ rights. Traditional Republicans were not necessarily socially prejudiced, which this new Republican Party and new candidate are. Let me explain. I left the Republican Party when it was obvious to me that the new Republican base of evangelical Christians became dominant. These false Christians including our current President wish to impose their beliefs on the entire country. First, they would do away with separation of church and state, and they have already made giant steps toward that goal. Example: the Federal Government now funds private church charities. Second, they would make lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people second-class citizens by law, and have made tremendous progress towards that goal, 28 states having written anti-LGBT amendments to their constitutions. Third, the new Republicans are more concerned with making women second class citizens through limiting abortion rights, and are working toward repealing Roe versus Wade. Our Supreme Court has been made over by the Bush Presidency into a socially conservative force that will help our nation retreat to a Nineteenth Century stance on most social issues and stay there well into the mid Twenty-first Century.

It is my opinion that this new kind of Republican might be more correctly referred to as an evangelical Christian fascist. I realize that I am being hurtful in so saying. So be it. The new evangelical Christian Republican needs to reexamine his/her relationship with God, because God does not reject people on the basis of their color, religion, sex, or sexuality. God created all of us, and God does not make mistakes. Therefore he loves us all; black, white, Muslim, Jew, Christian,lesbian, gay, male, female. God does not reject the evangelical Christian either. He/she accepts each and every one of us.

Okay, once again, I’ve gone completely off course with a religious diatribe instead of pursuing my original purpose, which was to discuss politics. So, I’ll segue abruptly back to politics. The only Republican candidate that remotely resembles a traditional Republican is former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani. Do I think he has a chance of getting the nomination? No. However, if it were possible for him to achieve the Republican Party nomination, he might win the Presidency because most moderate Republicans and Democrats would vote for him. However, I doubt such a nomination is in the cards because Rudi Giuliani does not represent the prejudiced values of the new Republicans. Senator Thompson is more likely to get the nomination since he is an anti-gay, anti-abortion; “pater familias” type modern Republican. Check his voting record.

Unfortunately, I also think we will have another Republican president in 2009, even after the failed Bush Gang of Oil Oligarchy cut throats. We Americans are anachronistic throwbacks, mired in the Nineteenth Century, and unable to participate logically in the Twenty-first. Senator Fred Thompson is the type of guy who is likely to make it to the presidency at the end of the first decade in the new century, not Rudi Giuliani. Such is the political and social condition of our prejudiced nation.

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Anonymous Anna said...

If another Republican get elected, I seriously may have to leave Rudy G won't get a nomination. From what I've read, he used to dress up in drag. So, to the Christian Right which unfortunately has just about overrun the Republican Party...he mine as well be gay. Whether a Democrat or Republican gets elected, they have a lot of cleaning up to do in the White House, America, and with other countries because right now, everyone is considering us an enemy.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...


As much as I like and respect your opinion, I’m disappointed. Rudi in drag is ludicrous. You have also dashed this comment off without checking for errors. I’ve published it, because I agree with the tenor of your statement, but not some of the specific comment. Thanks for commenting and I hope I haven’t been too off-putting with my own comments.

Best regards,

10:00 AM  

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