May 27, 2007

Mitt Romney: Will the Real Flip-flopping Worm Please Stand Up?

Mr. Romney changes with the wind direction! When he had to worry about politics and getting elected in Massachusetts he was all for women’s rights, gay marriage, and gun control. Now that he wants the Republican nomination for president in 2009 he is against women, gays, and wants guns. He represents the most evil aspect of the new evangelical dominated Republican Party. He will do anything to accommodate the party’s prejudiced base.*

Unfortunately, should he obtain the Republican Party nomination for president, he may be elected by our sad electorate in 2009.

“How is that possible, Isaac?” Yes, I’m talking to myself again. Let me explain.

Our nation, and the world are in the midst of an anachronistic conservative fundamentalist reaction to change. We want the confusion of the relativistic world ushered in by Freud and Einstein to vanish. We want the Nineteenth Century back. And, we of the United States of North America have the worst of this new type of religious anachronistic breed of people. And most of the rest of us aren't much better. We want the world to be as it was before Walt Whitman became the great American poet, before the word “homosexual” was invented, before the world wars, women’s rights, and emancipation. We want the world as it was before we confronted the Twentieth Century Garden of Eden.

If the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as the 2009 Democrat Party candidate for president, we will loose the election.

“Why Isaac?”

Because, we will play into the prejudices of the culture in which we live. Most of us may not be able to admit our prejudices out loud, and we have all sorts of rationalizations for those prejudices, including being for life but against women, afraid of and hate same sex behavior, but love gay people. Espouse racial equality, but do nothing to save millions of black children from the ghetto. I am stirring the proverbial bucket of worms, I know. Never the less, these statements are true, however hurtful they are. Unfortunately Mitt Romney is the worm on top of the pile of dirt inside that bucket, and under current conditions, he is the worm that wins the next election.

*For an explanation of labeling evangelical Christians “prejudiced,” read my journal entries from May 18 and 21, 2007.


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