February 02, 2004

WMD Found North of Baghdad!

Not so!


Nevertheless, I have the irrational fear that WMD will turn up in the weeks before the presidential election next fall and Mr. Bush will be elected to his second term in office by a landslide. It would be so convenient, and the Bushes have those CIA connections. Not that such a thing could or would be done - I am being totally specious, aren’t I?

However, we Democrats would be safe to leave WMD alone. Instead, there are the related issues; aggression against a foreign nation, the concomitant damage to foreign relations, and the plethora of concerns about homeland security. There are seemingly unrelated issues surrounding the national economy; unemployment, the falling value of the dollar against foreign currencies, and the loss of jobs to third world nations to consider. Additionally there are other domestic issues; the federal tax system, education, and the hyperbolic increase of medical expenses to name but a few concerns on which democrats offer substantially different solutions from those the Bush administration has initiated and proposed and/or hasn’t bothered to deal with.

So, how do Democrats view these various concerns as compared to the Bush Administration?

There are two fundamental difference between the Democratic party’s candidates views of the world and the Bush Administrations actions in the world. First, on domestic issues all 7 of the current Democrat candidates focus on relief and help for the middle and lower classes. Instead, the Bush administration favors help for large corporate entities and the upper classes. Lest we should forget, the Bush family’s ties are to old East Coast aristocracy and corporate and international finance. However in finance, the Democrat candidates favor fiscal responsibility, while the Bush administration favors spending. This last is a complete reversal of past Republican Party concerns versus Democratic Party concerns. Notice that I have separated the Bush Administration from the Republican Party in my discourse. I have done that because the Bush financial, political, and social concerns are the opposite of traditional Republican Party concerns for personal freedoms and free enterprise. Instead Mr. Bush places his faith in black gold and the global corporate entities that mine it.

I am constantly amazed at the number of middle class Americans, regardless of their geographic, ethnic, political party origins, religion, and / or sexual orientation who vote for and support Mr. Bush and his administration’s initiatives despite the obvious Bush lack of interest and concern for all of us. Specifically, as an aging, gay man, I am amazed at my few gay friends here in Lancaster who manage to rationalize Mr. Bush’s desire for an amendment to the constitution that would forbid gay marriage.

Not only has Bush expressed support for a gay marriage ban, on January 14 he called for a $1.5 billion plan to promote heterosexual marriage*2

What other absurdities can we spend money on? Perhaps this speaks well to Karl Rove’s ability to disguise the administration’s freedom limiting initiatives within the “down home” spin of the Bush rhetoric. The overwhelming majority of my friends and neighbors here at THE BIG NEEDLE sing the “Plant a Bush on Every Corner” song. I have but 3 friends who will sing “The Bushwhacker Rock” with me. My own daughter, Ruth thinks Mr. Bush is the greatest thing since funnel cakes.

So, what are funnel cakes?

Funnel cakes - Donut batter is dripped in a swirling pattern from a funnel into boiling fat and scooped out in thin strands and lumpy brown bumps onto napkins to drain, dusted with powdered sugar, and consumed voraciously at Pennsylvania Dutch country fairs and other functions.

*1 Betty Bower’s Best Christian: Miracle Cards, “http://www.bettybowers.com/card.html,” (February 2, 2004: 6:32 A.M. EST)

*2 Editorial Staff, “Not Her Best Man,” The Nation, The Advocate February 17, 2004: 14

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