January 16, 2004

Michael Goes to Court Today


His trial is already being compared to that of O. J. Simpson 10 years ago. What a comparison! Michael is accused of performing lewd and lascivious acts on a minor. Even the wording is creepy -as though the minor is an object- why “on,” instead of “with?” O. J., as the entire universe knows was accused of butchering his wife and her friend to death. It became one of the major media events during the last decade of the Twentieth Century. The comparison portends bad things for Michael. Me thinks his life is pretty much ruined whether or not he wins this trial.


It is expected that 36,000 people will die of flue this winter, but so far Health and Human Services has not declared this an epidemic.

I got my flue shot back in early October when the vaccine first became available. Thank goodness! It takes 5 weeks for the immune system to build up an immunity based on the presence of the dead virus parts. So, those inoculated the first week in January with the first new batch of vaccine since October will not have sufficient immunity to ward off the virus until the second week in February 2004.

“O-u-o-o-ch!” To quote a certain Extra Terrestrial.

It seems as though we’ve taken lousy aim at this huge target and the shots are landing helter-skelter.


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