January 08, 2004

The Professor Visits

I wish he wouldn’t. I don’t like the man. I can’t help it. He is going through all my things at Sanctuary. I know he’s cataloging them. I know he’s saving some things from being destroyed. I know he’s the first person to take me seriously. I should be happy that someone cares about my work. Besides, he hasn’t been by to bother me for over a month. So, I can’t say he’s harassing me. But, I just don’t trust him. Yesterday, he had questions about some of the dates on my drawings. He couldn’t read them. Well, in 3 of the works, there was water damage from that old leaky roof at Orchard Hill Farm, and I can’t remember exact dates from thirty or forty years ago. I did try to be as helpful as possible. I’m a nice man, dear journal.

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Saddam’s capture will help get Bush reelected.


So will Gadhafi giving up WMD.

So will Tax Cut For Heterosexual Families.

The average tax return for this year is projected to be $2500.00. Of course that’s for straight families with children. Can two gay dads or moms apply as a family? I don’t think so! I know that there isn’t much of a tax cut for singles without children, and of course that category includes many gay and lesbian persons even if they do have children and a partner. H-m-m-m-m!

I’m sure the big returns for straight families will convince many to vote the way the money falls, and not their conscience. And, conscience is a plastic thing. Give most of us some money, and we can change our opinion and our belief system very quickly. I’ve watched people morph before my very eyes (metamorphically speeking) when money was involved.

Mr. Bush’s approval rating is above 60% and rising, damn it!

*The image above was copied from armball.net, http://www.satlink.com.au/~holty/politoons.htm (11/15/03, 11:30 A.M. EST)

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