January 06, 2004

My Special New Year’s Eve!

Who knew this past holiday would be so busy. My grandson, Samuel Jr., his wife, Nicole and two children, Amy, and Terrance visited. I have no idea where Nichol’s and the children’s names come from. Nichol’s maiden name is, Herr, as Pennsylvania Dutch a name as exists in Lancaster County. However, her given name and the children’s names have nothing to do with our Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry. They do have everything to do with a contemporary flair for catchy names derived from popular culture and / or television soaps.

However, I was extremely happy to see Sam and his family because I haven’t seen the children since 1999 when they were one and two years old. Not that I haven’t missed Sam. He’s quiet, but strong, much like my Dad whom I have not seen since I left the Amish order in 1919 (He'd be 120 now.). They stayed at Orchard Hill Farm with Ruth.

We all went out to dinner the night before New Years Eve at the Harmony Inn, an excellent restaurant and watering hole frequented by local professionals and yuppies. I had a roasted Caesar salad, a specialty of the house, it tasted as though it had been brushed with the drippings of char-broiled steak and was quite good. For my entree, I had a Filet Mignon. The presentation involved a mass of thoroughly mashed sweet potatoes piped in a window pain pattern on an over sized white dinner plate into which the filet had been dropped, and smothered in mushrooms sautéed in garlic, sherry, and butter. A sheaf of whole string beans steamed, tied together with seaweed, and garnished with almonds was placed to one side of the filet. I had coffee and Grand Mariner for dessert. My sufficiency was most certainly fulfilled. In other words, yum!

To Ruth’s chagrin Sam and Nicole insisted on spending New Year’s Eve at my apartment. So, Ruth, Sam Sr., Sam Jr., Nicole and the children watched the Times Square crystal ball descend on my television. Well, Amy didn’t, she had fallen asleep, though Terrance was up and raising (bleep!). You know how young children get when they are sleep deprived, dear journal. To everyone’s surprise, I had a bar setup in my kitchen with bourbon, scotch, gin, rum, vodka, mixers, lemon, lime, and a silver ice bucket I had rescued from Orchard Hill Farm before Ruth and Sam Sr. moved in. I saw Ruth eyeing it suspiciously. Sam Jr. talked about several of my silver man performances at Rehoboth Beach, when he was a little boy. Everyone laughed hysterically as he recounted the reaction of one woman who had told her curious children to “stop bothering the nice man,” packed her beach paraphernalia and toted it and the complaining children off the beach(entries about the Silver Man Performances; 07/31/03, 08/03/03, 08/05/03, 08/07/03, 09/04/03, 12/10/03).

Yes, I had a wonderful New Year’s holiday! If every day of the coming year is only half as good it will be a fantastic year. I wish that everyone might have just such a fantastic new year, dear Journal.

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