December 17, 2003

Ruth’s Visit

What can I say. It’s always the same. My relationship with my daughter is like a land mined dirt road in a third world country at war with itself. Ruth has decided that I’m allowing my ankle to prescribe the limits of my life because I didn’t want to go out to dinner with her last evening.

“I think I’m doing remarkably well with it,” I said.

“But Daddy, you haven’t been out of this apartment since I brought you here two weeks ago.”

“Ruth, I go to lunch and dinner in the dining room at the “Big Bad Needle” every day.

“Daddy! Must you call it that?”

“We were talking about whether or not I leave my apartment.”

“It makes the place sound so awful.”

“We both know it isn’t. But, I can’t help it. I’d rather be at home at Orchard Hill.”

“This is your home.”

“Let’s not go there now, Ruth. We both know each other’s feelings on the subject, and I’d rather not argue about that in addition to whether or not I’m allowing my ankle to place too many limitations on my life.”

As she often does, Ruth fussed about the apartment, cleaning and putting things away. She is apt to do the cleaning thing when she is upset with me, and I’m afraid she left in a bit of a huff. With Ruth life is one never ending and exasperating argument with her “Daddy.” I don’t know what she’ll do with herself when I’m gone. Perhaps she will be able to move on to something more meaningful.

Ten More Iraqis killed as explosive filled truck rams bus.

The violence continues to escalate in and around Baghdad since Saddam’s arrest. Does Saddam’s arrest mean that we are winning the war in Iraq? Despite all the media hype, It is too early to draw any conclusions.

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