December 02, 2003

I Fell

Saturday, November 22nd I was going down the steps in the Penny’s Mall in Park City, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania version of the ubiquitous American mall. I was with Ruth because she insisted that “you must start your Christmas shopping, Daddy. You have all 18 great grandchildren to buy for...”
“Ruth, I’m giving them money.”
“Well, then we have to stop by the bank and get all new 100 dollar bills.”
“50’s,” I said. And it happened. I guess I was talking and not looking. The heal of my shoe caught on the edge of the stair and I went down the last 5 steps side ways. I did catch the railing with my left hand and then the right, but not before I had twisted and broken my left ankle. My bruised left butt cheek made a wonderful imitation of a blueberry juice infused raspberry swirl cake. Don’t ask - I made that last up - I don’t know whether or not there’s any such thing. I had surgery to screw and staple it all back together again. I was in the hospital through Thanksgiving day, and then at Ruth’s (Orchard Hill Farm) untill this afternoon. Of course she took good care of me. However, I missed being in my own apartment. I was unable to write to you, dear journal, and Ruth was constantly in my hair. She told me that I should use a wheel chair from now on when I go shopping, or anywhere in public. I refused to consider such a thing so she suggested if not a chair, then, at least a walker.

"Daddy. Why, what if you’d have broken a hip. You’re 84 years old. You don’t mend as quickly as you used to you know.”

There was no point arguing even though I know a walker would not have saved me. In fact I’d have had to throw the damn thing away in order to grab onto the stair rail. Perhaps, if Ruth hadn’t been on one of her marathon fussing monologues, I would not have fallen. Of course it’s Ruth’s fault. I’m certainly not going to admit that the fall had anything to do with my age and infirmities.

And, none of my Christmas shopping is done. I guess I can shop by catalog. Ruth will have to go to the bank and get 21 new 50 dollar bills, money envelopes, and mailers. I think the grand children will get 50’s this year just like their children. I’ve never done that before.

I have so much catching up to do. I can just barely hobble around on crutches, and will be using those for another six weeks. I can’t drive and I’m stuck here in the apartment at “The Big Needle,” and the ankle still aches and itches inside of its plaster cast.


*The image above was found at “Maine Orthopedic Center,”,” © 2000, (visited Nov. 22, 2003 at 3:00 A.M.)

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