December 04, 2003

Good Grief!

I wonder what Charlie Brown would look like and say if he got old and broke his ankle. The cast of characters would have to change. Snoopy, for one, would definitely no longer be alive. And, if Charlie were an adult, he wouldn’t be able to talk and voice concerns about his ankle because adults only make that noise, like, n-u-u-u-u-ah - n-u-u-uh - n-a-a-h - n-u-u-uh - n-a-ah - n-u-uh.

I can tell you that this broken ankle is no fun. It takes me well over an hour to dress myself. I am too old to use the damn crutches very well (Did I say damn?). I'll have to lift weights to strengthen my arms. I should have stayed with Ruth longer because I could be making her miserable with all the help I need. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.

The President’s Ratings

I heard on the news last night that while only 46% of Americans approve of Mr. Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq, 72% of them think he is a good and noble man.

Wake up America!

The Bush Administration, and Mr. Bush personally lied to us about weapons of mass destruction. Do I personally like people who bamboozle me into doing something against my best wishes?

Of course not!

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