December 08, 2003

Why I’m a Democrat

I fell asleep on my living room couch from sheer boredom last Thursday afternoon. I awoke to a conversation about clean air and water with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Robert - if I may take the opportunity to call him by his first name - was detailing the efforts he made as the consulting attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper, and as senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Of course, he also described the evisceration of the Clean Air and Water Acts by the Bush administration and how these impact negatively on all our lives. For instance, he related the deleterious effects of mercury on the environment and the contamination of the New York and Connecticut state waters from rain carrying mercury generated by coal plants in Ohio. Mercury, he said, and I am paraphrasing, causes brain damage in fetuses, children, and adults, as well as incapacitating nervous disorders. He stated that there is not a single river in Connecticut in which the fish are not heavily contaminated with mercury.

As I listened to Mr. Kennedy I thought, “He’s a perfect example of the Twenty-first Century Democrat and he and those like him are why I am proud to be a Democrat.” A simple contrast between the Democrat and Republican parties serves to clarify my thinking. The Democrat Party is concerned with issues that relate directly to the well being of all people and the environment in which they live, while the Republican Party is concerned with issues that relate directly to the maintenance of wealth through the manipulation and use of things. Even though at this time the american dream is material, and the liberal concerns of the Democrat Party are considered obsolete, we must hold them to be true. We must do so because our leberal concerns are actual (reads "real") values as opposed to the counterfeit values generated by Republican public relations gurus.

Thus, the Democrat Party's liberal difference should be cause for celibration and it must be our Twenty-first Century Anthem!

*The photograph of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. above is taken from, “,” visited on 12/05/03.

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