December 19, 2003

Palms of Manasota

I sent via snail mail for information on Palms of Manasota a lesbian and gay retirement community. According to their web site they are “America’s First Gay and Lesbian Adult Living Community.” They sent their pamphlet and information on apartments, villas, and houses and it came to the apartment the other day. The photographs look wonderful! This cheers me up a bit.

When the ankle is better, I’m going to make late winter or early spring trip to check it out as I still have the itch to live someplace warm. If I moved there I would be among all gay and lesbian people for the first time in my life!

Saddam! Saddam! Saddam!

Enough already!

Howard Dean Might Get My Vote

He’s the only Democrat Presidential hopeful who has said that capturing Saddam has little or no effect on the terrorist threat against the United States. He is in direct opposition to Mr. Bush in that stand, and he is correct!

Saddam does not run the international terrorist organization. Osama Bin Laden does. Al Queda is exists throughout the world, including the USA. Saddam has nothing to do with it! Finding Osama Bin Laden won’t close it down either. There are sleeper cells here and everywhere. It’s only a matter of time until one of them activates and does God knows what to some target(s) here at home. We should be spending much more time and effort defending ourselves against terrorists and random acts of terror right here at home.

George W. Bush doesn’t care about terrorist threats here at home. He has a vendetta against Saddam because Saddam tried to kill his dad. In fact we are playing that aspect of our invasion of Iraq on the news, as though it’s a “cool,” kind of hip reason for invading Iraq. For example, I was getting my supper the other night so I didn’t catch it all. But, the scrolling ribbon of type across the bottom of the screen on CNN said something like, “It’s a father and son thing,” with a picture of Saddam, another of the Daddy Bush and GW Bush on the screen above it.

Wake up America!

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