December 24, 2003

AOL Member Speaks Out on Gay Marriage

A fine argument against concervative ideological positions concerning gay marriage can be found at AOL’s Soapbox, "Gay Marriage or Civil Union," by member "Sketsu."

"There is no necessity for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, in particular because such a ban would undermine the very spirit of the constitution itself, which has been primarily about protecting the rights, privileges, and freedoms of individuals and the activities which they choose to engage in, rather than banning and prohibiting certain classes of activities."


Merry Christmas to You Dear Journal

Well, it’s here again. My 84th Christmas! Christmas day I will go to Orchard Hill Farm for dinner with Ruth and her husband. The other children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will not be there because Thanksgiving is our big family get together. And, as you recall, dear Journal, I missed this year’s Thanksgiving get together because of My Park City Broken Ankle Caper.

I wish for peace as do we all. But, I don’t see the logic in praying for peace while waging war. I guess I’m just an old fashioned, out moded, democrat liberal who believes we’ve given up any claim we had as a nation to being the great democratic and moral leader of the world. Instead, in the eyes of many people around the world, we are now “The Evil Empire.”

Just call me “Isaac Dinosaur.” I still wish for peace. Perhaps if I say it like a curse, the wish will have more power.

PAX on everyone!


* This image was found at The Advocate, “ 35th Aniversary Gallery,” “” It is by Carlos Marrero, © 2002. (visit: 12/21/03, 11:53 A.M.)

*2 This image was found at the Coalition for Justice, Not War, “,” (visit:12/21/03, 12:07 P.M.)

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