December 28, 2003

Post Christmas

I’ve been eating everything I shouldn’t, and I’m afraid to get on the scales. If this were any other Christmas, I’d just get out and walk a mile or two extra each day for a week. However, with my broken ankle, that’s an impossibility. Perhaps it’s finally time for me to turn into a blimp like 80% of the American population, except I’ve waited 50 years longer than most to do it. Sarcasm, thy name is Isaac!

Christmas dinner at Ruth’s was excellent! She’s a pain in the BLEEP, but she can cook as good as her mother did.

Unfortunately, The Professor was there.

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Doesn’t the man have a life or a family of his own. Sometimes it feels as though he’s adopted me and mine as his, when in actuality it’s the abstract embodyment of my work he’s tixated upon. If my work were corporeal, he’d be an anaconda snake, jaws cocked wide open, head-radar aimed directly at it, ready to strike and gobble the body of work whole.

Now, he wants to move my things to a museum 5 hours away in Pittsburgh. I said, “No! Absolutely not! No!”

“But Isaac, they will be in a protected environment.”

“I still say no. I want them nearby.”

“Well, I won’t argue with you. I came to Ruth’s, at least in part, to see how you were getting along with the ankle.”

I hate that! Why not argue damn it! The “know-it-all” made me feel like a cantankerous old fool. I wish he would vanish. Perhaps if I write a blog about him with a “professor copy” in it that is different in some aspects. Then, make another “professor blog” that is mutated slightly from the first, and another, and another, each slightly more altered than the last... Perhaps I can make him disappear.

Watch out for mad cows!

For the time being, I’m off beef.


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