January 22, 2004

Mr. Bush’s State of the Union


I don’t think I live on the same planet as Mr. Bush! For instance, in the State of the Union speech this past Tuesday evening, Mr. Bush said to both houses "...and the Iraqi people will live in freedom."*2

The rest of the world does not see us as the liberators of Iraq, but as the invaders of Iraq.

Mr. Bush also said, “The American economy is growing stronger. The tax relief you passed is working.”*2

Instead, we have lost over 2 million jobs while Mr. Bush has been in office and our government’s budget - It had been balanced during the last administration - is now deep in the red. Mr. Bush, stop spending money!

For an interesting and in depth alternative viewpoint to the President’s view of our world, read ”State of Who’s Union" by David Corn, from AlterNet.Org.

My Doctor’s Appointment and Ruth’s Visit

On Monday, January 26 the doctor will take a look to see if the cast can come off my ankle. I’m on pins and needles because the darn thing itches like mad. I’m ready to rock and roll, man. I want out of here. I’ve been stuck for 2 months, except when Ruth comes to THE BIG NEEDLE to take me shopping, and we know, dear journal, there’s always a price to pay when Ruth is helpful. Last Saturday morning, around 9:30 I guess, the door bell rang and then I heard her key in the lock. The door opened and there she was, all smiles. “What’s up, Ruthie,” I said. I use that diminutive on her because she hates it.

“Just thought I’d come in and help you out a bit, Dad. I know you have difficulty getting everything done because of the ankle.” She came in and rushed around the apartment, putting things away, vacuumed the floor, making me move 2 x’s from my chair, to the couch, and back again. Then she emptied the hamper and started sorting the laundry.

“You know, Dad, that the professor’s been working really hard up in your studio.”

“Yes,” I said, “ and it gives me the creeps knowing he’s going through all my things.”

“Daddy, we’ve been over this so-o-o-o-o many times. He is just doing his job. Besides, you should be happy that someone cares about that weird stuff anyway.”

“And, as I’ve told you s-o-o-o-o-o-o many times,” I said mocking her, “you just don’t understand what I’ve tried to do in my work and with the silver man performances.”

“What’s to understand about a grown man dressing up in foil and playing outer space alien. And, this Barnastrema thing.”


“OK, Varnastrama. You told him that you actually go there. Daddy, that’s really strange!”


“Because it’s in your imagination.”

“No, it...”

“It’s pure fantasy!”

“So, why is the professor so interested in it if it’s just weird fantasy?”

“Oh my,” she said, changing the subject. “This underwear is filthy. What do you do with it, scrub the floor?”

“The last time the kitchen and bathroom floors were scrubbed, you did them.”

“Daddy, she said in shock. “That was back in June.”

“How am I supposed to scrub floors with this ankle, Ruthie?”

“You broke the ankle before Thanksgiving, Dad. What about July through October?”

“Enough,” I said. “If you came to help with the wash, then do it.”

“But, I started to tell you about the professor. He’s taking some of your stuff back to Pittsburgh with him.”


“I really don’t know. I don’t ask. I just thought you ought to know.”

“Please ask him to come see me.”

“He’s a busy man, Daddy.”

“I don’t care if he’s the busiest man in all Pennsylvania,” I said, my voice rising. “ He’s messing with my stuff, and I want to see him.”

“Please, Daddy. You’re shouting at me.”

I forced myself to say calmly. “Yes I am. Because I’m upset. Please inform the man that I must see him.”

“Here, she said, “I’ll give you his phone number, and you can call his office at the university.” She handed me a beat-up business card.

“Thanks,” I said. “You certainly had that ready for easy access.” Would you believe, dear Journal - Ruth’s face flushed red? H-m-m-m-m!

* Phil Holt, “Terminators,” Holty’s Blog, http://www.satlink.com.au/%7Eholty/index.htm (1/22/04: 4:53 P. M. EST)

*2 The White House, “Text of President Bush’s State of the Union speech,” The Christian Science Monitor, csmonitor,com, http://www.csmonitor.com/2004/0122/p25s02-uspo.html, posted January 22, 2004 (1/22/04: 4:18 P. M. EST)

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