January 20, 2004

Over 20,000 Civilians Injured and Killed in Iraq War

Over 1500 Civilians Dead Since April

Those are figures we don’t look at often - and the U. S. A. is directly responsible for all those deaths. That means me! I am responsible, dear Journal. And, so is every American citizen for allowing this president and his administration to turn the USA into an aggressive war waging colonial Empire.

O’Neil Controversy Continued

The Treasury Department is insisting on having a full fledged investigation into the possibility that Ron Suskind had classified documents given to him by Paul O’Neil. Let’s be objective. The 19,000 documents were given to Paul O’Neil by the Treasury Department. In an article placed on the CNN Web Site “http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/01/14/oneill.author/index.html” dated Wednesday, January 14, 2004 (9:42 P.M.), Mr. Suskind is quoted.

"What's interesting about it is that the Treasury Department created the discs and gave them to Paul O'Neill to give to me. I mean essentially these are documents given to us by the U.S. government. If they want to do an investigation, they might well do one within -- I suppose -- the Treasury Department."

Mr. O’Neil has since stated that his portrayal of President Bush as intent on war was overplayed. However, the damage is done. I hope the Democrat Party doesn’t let this one die. I for one would like to thank Paul O’Neil for his statements, and Ron Suskind, especially, for his book, The Price of Loyalty.

Buy the book at Amzaon.com. and save 30 percent off the price. Yes, dear Journal, I am plugging the book!

*Ron Suskind, The Price of Loyalty, Amazon: Books, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0743255453/103-0530358-6761460?v=glance (1/20/04: 7:35 A. M.)

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