January 18, 2004

O’Neil Took Secret Classified Documents!


I don’t think so.

Several persons to whom I have spoken here at “THE MANOR,” and my daughter, Ruth, were under the impression that Mr. O’Neil had written a book. They couldn’t tell me the title. So, a bit annoyed, I wish to set some things straight. First, Ron Suskind wrote the book, The Price of Loyalty for which the documents were gathered. Second, the paper shown on CBS, Sixty Minutes this past week that was stamped secret was a cover sheet! Everyone involved, CBS Sixty Minutes staff, Suskind, and O’Neil all deny that the document for which the cover sheet was intended exists. Third, Paul O’Neil had gone through proper channels, requesting the documents from the Treasury Department. If he obtained classified and/or secret documents he should not have had, it was because Treasury Department employees gave them to him. Forth, O’Neil says that he wishes he could take back some of his comments made to Suskind during conversations with the author. In an article titled, “O'Neill Says He Didn't Use Secret Documents: Treasury Department Launches Probe Amid Furor Over Book,” Martin Crutsinger of the Associated Press says the following.

O'Neill in the book contends the administration's decision-making process was often chaotic and Bush Cabinet meetings made the president look ''like a blind man in a room full of deaf people.''*2

O’Neil also says that he supports the Bush administration and that he will probably vote for the president in the next election.

I find this last very strange indeed. I think we have an expert tactician here, one who does not say directly that the Bush administration wanted to invade Iraq from day one of the administration. Instead, he lets Ron Suskind implicate the Bush Gang's fangs. At the same time, if the Democrat Party does not seize this opportunity and pound the stake provided by Suskind's book into the Bush Administration’s heart, they do not deserve to win the 2005 election.

And, based on this new knowledge about the president and his cabinet, there’s this possibility. Did the Bush gang know that 9/11 was coming and not disclose information? Was 9/11 actually preventable?

Are you a green, yellow, or



* Image ‘http://www.inthesetimes.com/issue/25/06/baker2506a.jpg,” Mark Wilson/Newsmakers in Dean Baker, “Bush II: The Return,” In These Times.com: Independent News and Views, http://www.inthesetimes.com/issue/25/06/baker2506a.html, February 19,2001 (6:14 A.M. : 1/13/04 )

*2 AOL News, http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20040110125909990001 (viewed 1/13/04: 6:11 A. M.)

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