January 31, 2004

I Had Physical Therapy Yesterday and

Who Me, Stop Driving?


Well, I am walking on my ankle and using one of those walker contraptions. We’re renting it as opposed to buying it because it is going as soon as possible.


They put me through all kinds of exercises yesterday, and I am to do the exercises two times a day, morning and early evening. I still can’t drive because the range of motion is so poor, but I plan to be back to the old jalopy by the end of next week.

Ruth tells me that I shouldn’t go back to driving because I’m getting too old, and my reflexes are slowing down.

“The last time you drove with me in the car, I was scared to death,” she said.

Granted, I had gone through a red light. But, there were extenuating circumstances. We were driving through Ephrata, PA, a town I’m not familiar with. I had just seen a sign posting the speed limit (25 mph), and looked down to check my speed. I looked back up just in time to see the light turn from orange to red. I was already part way into the intersection and would have caused an accident had I stopped and backed up into the cars behind me. So, I kept going. And, (What luck!) a police car was parked on the other side of the street at the intersection. So, I just pulled over to my side of the street and waited for him to do a “U-ie” and park behind me. The ticket cost $128.00, and Ruth won’t let me forget it. I swear she’d be happiest If I’d just stop trying to do anything and give up!

Go South, Old Man, Go South!

Pun! Pun! Pun!


Besides, after almost an entire month of the coldest arctic air masses on record I expect to look out my window and see dog sleds headed North on their way to Nome any day now. The Susquehanna River looks like an arctic ice flow. I know that people further North have it worse than we do. But, they too can move South, just as I would like to do.

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*2 The photograph above was taken from Arctic Scenes: Barrow, Top of the World, “http://northsun37.tripod.com/arctic.htm” (January 31, 2004, 9:31 A.M. EST)

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