January 24, 2004

Two U.S. Soldiers and 4 Iraqi Civilians Killed

CNN states that the killings took place in the Sunni Triangle near Fallujah and Samara.

The latest deaths bring the number of U.S. soldiers killed in the war to 508. Many of those were killed in the Sunni Triangle, which is northwest of Baghdad*

For a complete record of civilian deaths and injuries go to the “Iraq body Count,” a direct result of a U.N. innitiative, and run by the Commision on Human Security (CHS).

It just goes on, and on, and on...

The Professor Visits Again

It’s my fault. I asked Ruth to have him visit, but I am so overwrought after the visit. I could rip my hair out! No, actually I’d rather rip his out. I thought I’d sit down and write immediately to work some of the venom out of my system.

Part of the problem is that he’s talking about taking my things to the university in Pittsburgh. He says that they will be safer there. But, I’m still working. I’m not dead, damn-it (expletive not deleted)!

I told him that was unacceptable. I said that I don’t mind his going through "Sanctuary" and organizing things. After all, there was evidently some damage due to a leaking roof, and even a small fire. Goodness knows how that happened without burning the entire house at Orchard Hill Farm. In fact, I asked him, “how do you think it’s possible to have a localized fire in that attic without the entire roof going up and then burning down through that dry 200 year old interior structure.” He said that he had no idea, that he was not an expert in that area. At that point, I wondered... "Why not invite an expert in to look at the site of the fire.”

“Isaac,” he said, “I’m much more interested in your work, not the fire that almost destroyed the Varnastrama journals and photos of “The Silverman Performances. Thank God it did not!”

By the way, dear Journal, the professor named “The Silverman Performances,” I did not. I did them out of necessity. They were something I had to do, and at the time I did not know why I did them. Since coming out as a gay senior man I have come to some conclusions as to the psychology behind dressing up in silver foil as opposed to doing a transgendered dress-up performance, the stereotypical view of gay men dressing up. However, the professor has supplied some ideas of his own as to why I may have done them, and I don’t know whether or not I agree with him. I will have to do some thorough thinking about that because it sounds like an entire journal entry in itself. (See other journal entries about the "Silverman Performances;" 08/03/03, 08/05/03, 09/04/03.)

* "4 Iraquis, Two U.S. Soldiers killed in Sunni Triangle," CNN.com, World: War in Iraq, Saturday, January 24, 2004 Posted: 8:23 AM EST (1323 GMT), (my visit 1/24/04, 9:13 A. M.)

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