January 29, 2004

Kerry Won New Hampshire with 39% of the Vote.

It looks like he’s on a roll. Now let’s see what happens in Missouri and Oklahoma.

”Opportunity Rover” is a Wonderful Distraction!

Perhaps that is why Mr. Bush wishes to go to Mars (I wish he would!). Here's the astronomical rout we would need to use to get him there.



The race to Mars would offer a wonderful distraction for the masses. Our attention would all be redirected from the Bush Gang's redesigning of the “American Democracy” to become the “Great American Oil Oligarchy.” Instead we will be pacified with 3-D images taken by Spirit and Rover of the Martian landscape, fascinated as the manned space vehicle is designed, intrigued by the prospect of men walking on Martian soil.

Mr. Bush also wants the first permanently manned Moon base sometime before 2015! Just think of all the wonderful press, live video coverage, and photographs such a base would generate in order to draw our attention away from Oil Oligarchy skullduggery. This is the real stuff of early 20th century science fiction. I say, “go for it America!”

We Must DeBush Before Going to Mars

However, the first priority must be to rid ourselves of this 2nd Bush Administration. In fact I have a list of political necessities in prioritized order that, if they are carried out, may allow us to pay for a manned Moon base and mission to Mars.

  1. Elect a new Democrat President

  2. Remove ourselves from the Iraq predicament

  3. Apologize to the world for the invasion of Iraq

  4. Concentrate on security against terrorist acts here at home

  5. Rescind the Bush tax cuts

  6. Pay off the debts incurred by our government because of the Bush tax cuts and the Iraqi invasion

If we do all this, we may be able to build the multi trillion dollar budget it will take to accomplish Mr. Bush’s proposed Moon and Mars missions.

*This is a copyrighted Image from Nick Stobel, Astronomy Notes, http://www.astronomynotes.com/index.html, June 26, 2003 (Thursday, January 29, 2004: 7:15 A.M. EST)

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