January 27, 2004

Who's Going to Win New Hampshire?

From the collection of the New Hampshire Historical Society and New Hampshire Political Library*

It's 9:22 A.M. and...

Clark was ahead shortly after midnight this morning.

Kerry's ahead now.

Dean's closing.

It sounds like a horse race.

Kerry and Clark are the most presidential of the democrat candidates. Kerry is hated in the South. Clark seems to have the better chance of getting the votes if a presidential election were held today. However, since 57% of Americans still think the Bush Gang is doing a good job (FOOLS!), I'm happy that the election is a long way off.

*"http://www.nhhistory.org/museumexhibits/primary/firststop.html," NH Historical Society - First Stop: The New Hampshire Primary (Tuesday, January 27, 2004: 9:34 A.M. EST)

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