February 04, 2004

My Walking Is Improving!

I’m still using the walker, and I have physical therapy 3 times per week, but I can see a difference, and I can bend my foot in more ways without it feeling as though my ankle is shredding itself to pieces. I’m encouraged. I will be driving my cucaracha soon. And, when that happens, I will go South to investigate Florida living in a gay and lesbian retirement community.

The Bush Campaign will be based on his ability to WHAT?

Protect Us!

It’s the cornerstone of his reelection campaign. What’s worse, 57% of the American population believes he can do that better than any Democrat candidate. I would say that America deserves what it gets, except that I’ll be stuck with the Oil Oligarchy for another 4 years as well.

He hasn’t protected us. Instead he has concentrated on a program of foreign war. Whose next? Iran?

The root of the problem isn’t terrorism or Arab oil. It isn’t Al Qaeda specifically. Instead, it’s American oil dependency. If we weren’t dependent on oil, the problem wouldn’t exist. Of course, the Bush Gang wants us to be dependent on oil. They are all part of the Oil Oligarchy!

Wake up! It’s a no brainer.

Time for a paradigm shift A new Manhattan Project. The goal - Complete energy self sufficiency in five years. We could do it with the money Bush will waste pursuing another desert boondoggle, another oil war. The Technology is here now for free clean energy forever - All it takes is leadership...*

What about the money Mr. Bush will spend on the up coming presidential campaign - $320,000,000. If he would guarantee to spend that money for national energy self sufficiency instead of his campaign, I would vote for him. Yes, I would! But, there’s no danger of that happening.

Why isn’t the Democrat Party seizing on this issue? Why isn’t it an issue?

It would be laughable if it weren’t so Frightening!

And that is Soap Box Speech #1404 of an infinite # against this Bush presidency.

* Voxfux, “Bush Can’t Protect Us From His Oil Buddies - Much Less Terrorism,” totse.com, (Tuesday, January 27, 2004: 8:48 A. M. EST).

*2 Alternative Energy Sources, Fighting Against Nuclear Power, http://www.aber.ac.uk/~ajs6/menu.html, The University of Wales, Aberyswyth (Tuesday, January 27, 2004: 9:06 A.M. EST)

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