February 06, 2004

More Physical Therapy

Those folks at “Health South” are doing wonders. It’s getting easier to walk, and it doesn’t hurt so badly when I move my foot and ankle. Soon, I expect to give up the cane. I am indeed fortunate. Last year, another one of the inmates here at THE BIG NEEDLE broke a hip. Today he can’t walk without a walker!

Ruth took me to the physical therapist yesterday. She’s been too kind, and I do mean too kind. I wonder what’s up.

A Pet Peeve

Which reminds me. Yesterday, my friend Jim’s son, Tom, was here to visit with his oldest son, Peter. Yes, dear journal, another Peter! There are just too many Peters in this world to keep track of. (“Isaac! There are never too many of those.”) Anyway, as I was saying, when this young man was introduced to me, he said, “sup?” That’s it!


What the “BLEEP” does “sup” mean. Of course, I know, but SUP! “How are you,” would have been nice, or, “It’s nice to meet you.” But,


It sounds lazy, and insolent. It is insolent, and it’s indicative of bad parenting. Yes, Peter the 239th might say “SUP” to his friends upon running into one of them at the mall, or club. But, to a person three generations his senior, NEVER!!!

He’s a freshman in college. I wonder, does he say, “SUP” to his professors when he encounters them in the halls of “Millennial Generation University?” And, am I alone in loathing this awful abbreviation of the term, “What’s up?” Which, lest we should forget, is slang in the first place. It could just as easily stand in for “dinner,” as in “I made beans and franks for SUP last night.”

As you might have gathered from this diatribe, my friend Jim is quite a few years younger than I. In fact he’s 74. His grandchild hasn’t begun to make a family yet, and who knows what hideous language his children will use. Will it be recognizable as English?

Oh, well. I am now finished with this temper tantrum and soap box speech # 1010.

*The image was located at “http://www.lfhk.cuni.cz/kohler/sup.htm,” located at “http://www.acces.cz/sup/,” However when I tried to go there in order to document my source, I obtained the following. “The page cannot be found.”
(1/18/04: 10:44 A.M.)

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