August 11, 2007

Isaac Stolzfuts is Missing

I am Adam Stolzfuts, Isaac’s grandson. I am placing this entry on my grandfather’s Web log because he is not available to do so. Briefly, my grandfather has disappeared. His last journal entry was August 2, 2007. I telephoned Grandpa on the third of August and got the message that he was not available at the time. On Saturday, August fourth, my Mother, Ruth tried to call Grandpa and also received the not available message. After we both had made several more attempts to call Grandpa during the afternoon on Saturday, we called one another. I called Grandpa’s friend, Peter who lives near Grandpa's condominium. We tried the telephone number again, got the “I’m not available” message, so Peter went to Grandpa’s, knocked on the door and rang the doorbell repeatedly while we were connected by cell phone. There was no answer. Peter then went to Grandpa’s garage to see if the car was there. It was not. “He must have gone away for a few days, Adam,” said Peter.

“But that isn’t like Isaac. He would have at least called my mother and told her that he would be away, and where he could be reached while away from North Palm Beach.”

“When did you talk to him last?”

“About a week ago.”

“So, the third of August.”

“Yes, that’s about right.”

“When was his last journal entry, Adam?”

“I checked. August second.”

“Let’s see. I know he tries to do entries at least every three days. Since you talked to him on the third, he probably left the condo after that, and that means he’s been away for at least eight days.”

“Yes, without telling anyone he was leaving for a week or longer. That's just not like Grandpa. I’m calling the police.”

I called the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office. They took the report, but said it is common for people to go away without notifying relatives, and told us to call them when Grandpa returned. I was furious! So far nobody is looking for Isaac.

I also asked Peter to look in Grandpa’s condo since he has a key, which he refused to do.

“The police should be the first to look in there, Adam.”

“But, there might be a clue as to his location inside.”

“Still, I don't want to be the first person to go in. If we can’t get the sheriff’s office or the police to take this seriously, then you, or your Dad should be the first person to go into Isaac’s condo.”

My dad has to work, so Mother and I are planning to fly to Florida on Monday if Grandpa hasn’t returned home by then. We will call the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office again, and the Florida State Police before leaving.

I’ve posted this to Grandpa’s journal in the hopes that one of his reader’s might have an idea where he’s gone. Please contact us at Grandpa’s email address. I’ve listed it below as he always does.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh ! has the police gone int here yet ? i dont know where He is - i barely know him - just from this blog - im sure you can check the random responses i have made here ... oh i pray hes ok ... please someone go in there - quickly ! .... oh but his car is missing ... that is odd .. i will check more often tan i have been ... i hope everything is ok ... my thoughs are with you all ....


8:54 PM  
Blogger Anji said...

I have no idea either. I'm really sorry to read this news. Please keep us informed Adam. I'll be thinking about you and your family

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Dear Anonymous and Anji - Thank you both so much for your concern - Adam.

10:04 AM  

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