July 16, 2007

Ho-Hum, Peter and My Health


It took the entire day to work up the courage, but I finally called Peter last night. He wasn’t home, so I left a message. I hope he returns the call, because I don’t want to go through another approach avoidance conflict marathon.


I took a walk on the beach early yesterday morning. As usual I had my camera with me, and I took some pictures. I include one here. It was terribly warm and humid and I huffed and puffed quite a bit. I had to stop and rest over and over again. I do not have the stamina I had a year ago. I’ve also noticed that I am increasingly forgetful, I lose my train of thought when reading, and I’m having trouble balancing my checkbook. I’ve always done that with great ease. I complained about my difficulties to Adam on the phone, and he made me promise to visit the doctor.

“What can he do at my age,” I said.

“He can run some tests and you will at least know if there is anything wrong, Grandpa.”

“I just have a bad feeling. What good is knowing, if there is nothing to be done?”

“You don’t know anything at this point, including whether or not something can be done about a hypothetical ‘something wrong.’ Go to the doctor,” he said, punctuating the sentence by adding spaces between each word. “Promise me you will make an appointment as soon as we hang up.”

“Okay, Adam. Relax. I promise.”

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