July 12, 2007

Move On Organization and Live Earth

This past Saturday, I attended a “Save the Planet Party,” one of over 1300 held around the country as over 2 billion people around the world worked to raise awareness concerning the global warming crisis. The parties were part of the Live Earth concert sponsored through Al Gore’s efforts to make global warming the number one issue of the 2008 presidential race. The Live Earth concert and associated parties were sponsored by a group of organizations including The Alliance for Climate Protection, Live Earth Organization, and Move On. The Twenty-five attendees at one of the villas in my community socialized during a potluck dinner and while watching the Live Earth concert on television. We listened to Al Gore make a speech in which he outlined his 7 point pledge to curve global warming, and we watched the Move On Organization’s Town Hall Video in which presidential candidates answered questions given them by Move On Organization members about global warming.

Of the candidates I personally thought that Bill Richardson, (governor of New Mexico,) had the most forceful and thoroughly thought out plan to deal with the global warming crisis, though voters on the Moveon.org Website voted John Edwards the best. All at our party agreed that this should be a bipartisan concern, but that so far, it seems to be primarily a concern of progressive Democrats. I was encouraged that two billion viewers of the Live Earth Concert worldwide demonstrate that the concern is more universal and not just a Democratic Party concern. Unfortunately, I have since watched FOX News belittle those who are concerned with global warming, so I guess that the concern shall remain progressive and Democrat.

Briefly, three of the most important points in Al Gore's pledge ask participants to first, demand that the USA join a global treaty to roll back global warming within the next two years, second dramatically increase the energy efficiency of their homes, and third, fight for laws and policies that expand the use of renewable energy sources and reduce dependence on oil and coal.

Our party host said, “the party was successful because we all feel as though we made connections with like minded persons, did something as a group to further our concerns about global warming, learned more about candidates for President of the United States positions concerning global warming, and had a great time as well.”

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