July 23, 2007

Senator Vitter and the Prostitutes

Once again we have an evangelical Christian who wants to deny first class citizenship to gay and lesbian couples, but finds his own Christian marriage to be a matter of convenience. Senator David Vitter (R- Louisiana) denies having had relations with a series of New Orleans prostitutes while admitting that he had dealings with Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s prostitution ring in Washington D.C. Thus, one more male evangelical has demonstrated the belief that he is immune to transgressions against his partner. If evangelicals sin, God will forgive them their transgressions. At the same time a long-standing gay or lesbian relationship may not be recognized because (supposedly) God does not approve. In other words, God, who is perfect, made a mistake because he created a world in which two loving homosexuals must remain separate and gay, because their love is unequal to the love of heterosexual evangelical couples.

In fact, God does not care about our sexuality. As science demonstrates, God made many animals with multiple sexual preferences. He also made man with multiple sexual preferences. I’m tired of evangelical’s Bible quoting snobbery. The Bible is God's word as understood by men who lived in various places, around the Eastern Mediterranean, at various times though all removed from the present by thousands of years. Their understanding of God was based in the cultures in which they lived. Evangelical understanding of the Bible is also based on the institutionalized prejudices of the subculture in which they live. The entire point of the Bible is that God did not make man perfect! Man does sin. So many stories in the Bible are demonstrations of men’s transgressions against one another and/or God, and they demonstrate God’s constant ability to forgive those transgressions. Yes, ancient writers made mistakes when writing. Evangelical men and women make mistakes when interpreting the Bible. Evangelical men and women make mistakes in their lives and their marriages. Gay and lesbian men and women make mistakes in their lives and relationships. However, God created all of us. At least here in the United States, our forefathers had the sense to write into our constitution that all “men are created equal.” Women had to fight another two hundred years to gain suffrage, though suffering today from the evangelical idea that men are better than women. The primitive pagan idea that the seed of a man must be allowed to grow to fruition within a woman still lingers in the evangelical Christian lexicon. It thrives even if the outcome is death for the woman, and/or a child who may be denied love and happiness. I suppose it is too much to expect such people to accept that in God’s eyes, we are all equal, brothers and sisters, born of this earth.

God loves us when we love one another, no matter who we are.

God loves us, each and every one.

God even loves Senator Vitter.

It is that simple.

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Blogger EyesNowOpen said...

Well said Isaac!

7:24 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Thanks, my friend. Basically I'm just talking common sense here. I don't have a personal connection to God, though I pray regularly. However, I know that a just and loving God would not be prejudiced against part of his own creation while being totally happy with another sinning part of that same creation.

9:28 AM  

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