July 19, 2007

July Whitehouse Iraq Report

President Bush says, “I’m in charge of this war.” When confronted with Congress’ wish to draw down forces in Iraq.

However, It shouldn’t be about how fast we want to withdraw our forces from Iraq. First, we need to acknowledge that the war was a mistake from the start. Once that has been done, and we allow the nation to digest the (no longer sub-text) fact that this president and the nation made a horrendous mistake four and one half years ago, perhaps the Congress, Senate, and President can put together a reformed policy that can actually accomplish a phased withdrawal from Iraq that involves international cooperation (reads United Nations peace keepers), that will prevent a complete collapse in Iraq, and generalized war in the Middle East.

Most importantly, such an admission will allow us to begin discussions at a philosophical level designed to obtain an understanding of the workings of fundamentalist religious practices, and the roll of poverty in the West and East, both of which are at the root cause of terrorist activities in Iraq and elsewhere. Once such a discussion has taken place, we must make ourselves completely aware of the knowledge gained from these discussions and incorporate it into a set of objectives and specific activities designed to meet goals designed to end the global terrorist threat posed by Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Only by doing this thorough job of introspection can we solve the problems we have created by invading Iraq, as well as meeting the actual and very real problem of worldwide terrorism head on.

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