August 02, 2007

Gay Art Websites

As an experiment I “Googled” the above phrase. I found quite a few entries and I’ve included the first ten of them here with a brief summary of each and a link to each. I will continue the list in the future, and I will save critique for another entry. I hope the reader will explore, enjoy, and begin his/her own critique of gay art and the gay art Websites available on the Internet. - Queer Arts Organization - an actual resource for gay artists with events and calendar of events, bookshop, gallery of works, membership, links to other Websites, and comments. - Gay Art Gallery - Many of the images would not open - figurative, concentration on lean and muscular boys. - Man’s touch - a store with several lists of artists and their work. - Haskins Male Art - the artist’s Website and store. - Larry Hill Art - the artists Website and store. - Rick Chris - a gay artist’s Website with galleries of his paintings of well muscled men and boys, store, a novel length story, and a blog. - Douglass Simonson - Honolulu artist who draws and paints naked gay youth and men in various media by the thousands. All work is for sale. - The glbtg Encyclopedia on line has a history of gay male art since the Stonewall Riots. It does not contain images, but discusses the intervention of the Federal Government through censorship associated with the Mapplethorpe exhibit at the Corcoran in 1980 and proceeds through art about AIDS and the fight by gay artists to be able to create work in the mainstream of the art market.
1&zu=http%3A// - An on line gallery with a physical gallery based on Santa Fe, NM that appears to be much more of a fine art oriented website than many of the others I found. The site lists shows, artists, and opportunities for artists. - Fine Art 4 Men - Another store that covers gay figurative drawing, painting, photography historic to contemporary.

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