December 09, 2006


Sixty-eight Fahrenheit was the high temp yesterday, with drizzle and rainy gray skies. However, I’m not complaining. I talked with Ruth on the phone last night, and it was twenty-six degrees in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Ruth is still upset that I live so far away from her. She complained that I was here alone and sick in Florida, and she couldn't come take care of me. She suggested flying down to cook and clean, generally help during my convalescence.

"Ruth," I said. "I'm completely recovered and I'd rather have you and Samuel come to visit when I am at my best so that I can show you around Palm Beach County. There is so much to see and do."

I also had my visit with the doctor yesterday and he said, “You’re doing well, Isaac. Don’t expect to conquer the world immediately, but you’re recovering nicely.” A good report, I guess, but frustrating. I’m still taking a walk every morning and evening. I lift my little weights 2 times every day, but I don’t have energy left over to do anything else. I don’t even feel like reading much. Yesterday, Peter was talking about going out with friends, and I was actually envious.

I have cabin fever, and I’m bored!

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Anonymous Stan said...

Hi!Issac,I'm a Chinese college student.I'm gay.Sometimes I'm wondering how a gay lives when he gets older.Will it be tough when a gay grows old?I read some part of your blog and found it's not that bad.thank u.I'll be back.

Please email me if possible

10:58 PM  

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