December 02, 2006

Going for a Drive at Sunset

My cell phone is set to do this barnyard “cluck, cluck, quack” thing instead of a normal ring. I can’t possibly do the racket it makes justice in words because it is the most ridiculous sounding noise I’ve ever heard. Adam set it for me this past summer, and I don’t have the direction book that came with the phone and I don’t know how to change it. I am semi-illiterate with electronic devices, and have had to struggle with much help from Adam and Stephen to learn to use this amazing computer of mine.

Yesterday afternoon I was reading on the porch when my phone began it’s barnyard cacophony. Of course, being eighty-seven years old, I never remember to carry the thing with me, so I had to get up and home on the outrageously dissonant signal. It was in my pants, hanging in the bedroom closet, and of course had stopped its “cluck, cluck, quack” by the time I got to it. However, it is such a marvelous electronic device that I was able to discover that the call had come from Peter just by pressing a button - pressed again, and Peter’s phone was ringing.

“Hi, Peter. What did you want?"

“Isaac, I wondered if you’d like to get out of that condo for a bit, take a ride to the beach. The sunset’s going to be gorgeous, and you know how the clouds light up over the water sometimes.”

Juno Beach December 1, 2006

“Yes, I do. It can be spectacular. So, yes, I’d love to go.”

“Good, I’ll stop by in a couple of minutes.”

“Thanks, Peter.”

“Your welcome, Isaac.”

My wonderful young hunky neighbor showed up at the door in an International Male skin tight shirt and running shorts that made him look like a model ready for a shoot on South Beach, and I know my jaw must have dropped when I opened the door.

“I’m going to take a swim while we’re there.”

“Good for you,” I managed to get out with only one extra “g” fastened to the beginning of “good.”

We drove the short distance to Juno Beach, and I sat on a bench with my camera, while Peter ran down to the roaring surf and jumped in. I got some good pictures of the sky, water, and palm trees, but the sky wasn’t as spectacular as I’ve seen it in spring and summer. I’ve included one here, above.

Peter swam about in the pounding surf for about 20 minutes, got out just as the sun was touching the horizon, ran up the beach and steps to my bench dripping wet and out of breath. Oh my! The orange sunlight made the water on his smooth muscled skin sparkle and my heart gave a leap as I castigated myself for being such a dirty old man.

“Isaac, I can’t wait till you’ve recovered enough to go in with me.”

“Peter, even when I was in the best of health, I couldn’t have gone in with that raging surf.”

“Okay, so we’ll come to the beach on a calm day. Some days it’s like a big lake."

"Yes, I know. I’ve seen that. But, I can take a bit of wave action.”

“Good. It’s a date. Be prepared for me to call when the conditions are right.”

I know he didn’t mean literally, “IT’S A DATE,” but my heart jumped into my mouth, and I began repeating the mantra, “I will not make a fool of myself. I will not make a fool of myself. I will not make a fool of myself.”

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Blogger Anji said...

I love the colours in your photo. The light changes here at this time of the year, 'fragile' is the only way i can explain it.

9:39 AM  

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