November 26, 2006

I’m Not Dead!

Damn! I’m tired of being sick, weak, and exhausted. The next time I have a cold, I’ll go to the doctor immediately, and I don’t care if he says-

“you have a virus, go home and live through it.” I’ll throw a temper tantrum and insist on having antibiotics immediately.

Other than that, what can I say, dear Journal, but apologize for ignoring you for so long. The first week in the hospital is a blur. I ran an extremely high temperature, was delirious, and evidently came close to death. I do remember seeing my neighbor Peter sitting by the bed often, and I saw my Peter of Varnastrama there too, as was Rebecca. So, I must have been delirious. My temperature broke 4 days after being hospitalized, and I was removed to a local nursing facility 2 days after that. I remained there until Adam flew down during his Thanksgiving holiday and moved me home yesterday. He flies back to New Jersey tomorrow. I still don’t feel like doing much of anything. However, as my health has improved, I’ve had copious amounts of time to on my hands as I rest. I have filled the void with reading and writing. I read every issue of Time magazine that could be pirated to me from the hospital waiting room and later, the nursing home lobby. Based on that reading I’ve written a small political piece about Barack Obama. Please go to Isaac’s Political Journal to find it. I think it’s an interesting read because it discusses a liberal Christian worldview as opposed to the institutionalized and rigid evangelical one.

I almost missed out on the November election, but Peter got an affidavit, absentee ballot, and a Notary Public to my room in the hospital because I threw a semi-delirious fit on the way there. So, I voted, and we’ve got the majority back in both the House, and the Senate. Yeah for the USA! Mr. Bush and his cronies can’t just run rough shod over the entire three hundred million of us anymore, though I’m afraid we’re stuck with Mr. Bush’s conservative Supreme Court for the next thirty years. It’s amazing, but I think that news helped bring me back from the brink because I want to be present in an America that isn’t totally doomed by the politics of fear of terror and the scapegoating of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

I’m tired now and going to take one of my many catnaps. With improving health I should be able write more often, dear Journal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy to find that your back. I am hopping for a full and complete reovery for you. take care. david.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Thanks for the comment about full recovery, David. I don't know why blogger won't publish it.

10:04 AM  

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