October 30, 2006

Studying Spanish and Traveling to Mexico

I like to pretend that I will get back to Mexico though that is highly unlikely at age 87, so I’m practicing my terrible Spanish once again. I could probably use some help here, especially with syntax and oxymoronic daily usage. If anyone reading this speaks Spanish as a first language (or second) - I know this is unlikely, since I seem to have so few readers - please correct my Spanish. I make up study sheets that apply directly to what I will need to say, rather than use ready-made stuff. Here is one of them.

Traveling in Spanish

1. I would like a round trip ticket to Cozumel.
Quisiera un boleto (redondo del viaje) (de ida y vuelta) a Cozumel.

That will cost 10 pesos.
Eso costará diez Pesos.

Good. Here it is
Bueno. Aquí lo tiene.

Thank you, and here is your ticket.
Gracias, y aquí está su boleto.

Thank you

2. I would like a one-way ticket to Playa del Carmen.
Quisiera un boleto unidireccional a Playa del Carmen.

3. How far is it to Tulum?
¿Está cómo lejos a Tulum?

It is about 35 kilometers to Tulum.
Es cerca de treinta y cinco kilómetros a Tulum.

4. How much do you charge to go into Playa del Carmen?
¿Cuánto carga usted que entre Playa del Carmen?

I charge eleven pesos.
Cargo once pesos.

You gave me thirteen pesos.
Usted me dio trece pesos.

You gave me thirteen pesos instead of eleven.
Usted me dio trece pesos en vez de once.

Yes. That includes your tip.
Sí. Eso incluye su extremidad.

5. I need to go to Tulum. How much do you charge to go there?
Necesito ir a Tulum. ¿Cuánto carga usted que vaya allí?

It will cost you seven pesos.
Le costará siete pesos.

6. Can you recommend a good restaurant? We would like one that serves authentic Mexican (Mayan) cuisine.
¿Puede usted recomendar un buen restaurante? Quisiéramos uno que sirve la cocina mexicana auténtica (la cocina auténtica del indio del maya).
And, how do we get there?
¿Y, cómo conseguimos allí?

Just tell the taxi driver the name and street address of the restaurant.
Apenas diga a conductor del taxi el nombre y la dirección del restaurante.

7. I would like to rent a small car for the day, one that will
seat the four of us (one that will seat myself and three other people).
Quisiera alquilar un coche pequeño para el día, uno que asentará los cuatro de nosotros (uno que se asentará yo mismo y a tres otras personas).

Do you need air conditioning?
¿Usted necesita el aire acondicionado?

What about automatic transmission or stick shift?
¿Qué sobre la transmisión automática o cambio manual?

Would you like automatic transmission or stick?
¿usted tienen gusto de la transmisión automática o cambio manual?

If I am able to go back this year, I’ll do it during the coldest weather here in Palm Beach County, January or February, and I’ll go to the Mayan Gold Coast in the state of Quintana Roo. However, not Cancun – might as well go to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Instead, I’ll go down the coast farther, around Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Perhaps even Tulum. I might even take a trip into Valladolid in the interior of the Yukatan, and visit the pyramids at Chichen itza. There is a wonderful colonial hotel there, the Meson del Marquis that is located on the central plaza of the small city. I would, however, like to have a travel companion, or companions.

We’ll see.

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