October 08, 2006

Adam and Stephen

I talked with Adam by landline telephone last night. I still prefer the old fashioned telephone because it doesn’t break up, voices are clearer, and I can understand better. I don’t think it’s a hearing problem so much - though I don’t hear as well as I used to – as just my preference based on a seventy year history of telephone conversations. Be that as it may, Adam said they just had a nasty northeaster in southern New Jersey, and I thought, “I’m happy to be in sunny South Florida.” We did have a half-inch of rain day before yesterday, but most of the day was clear with intense bright sunshine, as was yesterday, high 86, and low 72. I, of course, gloated and rubbed it in.

Adam also informed me that he and Stephen were planning on making a weekend trip to New York City in November, and were trying to make up there minds as to what musical to see. I said that they had better start trying to get tickets to any of them right now, because sometimes they’re booked solid six months to a year in advance.

Finally,his voice quavering a bit, Adam told me that he and Stephen are once again talking about moving in together. He even showed Stephen photographs of some of the small houses he’s been looking at with the intent to purchase, and Stephen suggested they might buy one together. I was so pleased, especially considering Adam’s indiscretions and the break-up they went through this past spring.

I know those two young men think of me as an important person in their lives. I also know that I'm on the minds of other family members. For instance, Ruth worries and obsesses about me, and I’m sure she loves me in her way as do Samuel, her brothers and their families. However, those two men really like me, and enjoy spending time with me. The difference, I think, is that I am valued by Adam and Stephen, while other family members just worry about old, strange Isaac, spending his money, getting older, queerer, more frail, and perhaps senile.

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