September 08, 2006

The Trip to Rehoboth Beach

The Flight to Philadephia and Drive to New Jersey

My flight to Philadelphia was uneventful. There was an hour and one half layover for the connecting flight in Atlanta with no delays, and I had plenty of time to make it across the terminal. I did have to walk forever at Philadelphia International, but Adam had prepared me for that. Besides, I don’t mind walking. It is good for me. Adam met me at the luggage pick-up area, and he carried my bag to the car. The drive to Woodbury, New Jersey, where Adam lives took about 25 minutes.

Woodbury is across the Delaware River from Philadelphia in Gloucester County. The community was founded in 1683 and became a Quaker religious center that figured prominently in the American Revolution. It was used by General Cornwallis as his headquarters for the British assault on Philadelphia in 1777.

Adam rents a two-bedroom apartment there in a nice garden apartment community that has its own pool and tennis courts. I told him that it is time he invested in his own place.

“Everything is so expensive, Granpa, and it just never seemed important to have my own place as long as I was single.”

“So, what’s your rent here?”

“About twelve hundred a month.”

“And you don’t think you can do a mortgage for that?”

“Yes, I probably could, on a small fixer-upper.”

“Buy a house Adam. You won’t be pouring money into someone else’s property, and you’ll be building equity in your own.”

I spent but one day in Woodbury, Friday, while Adam was at work. I had packed What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality, by Daniel A. Helminiak, Ph.D..
I sat on Adam’s balcony and read it cover to cover - more about that later. As soon as Adam got home, we loaded the car, picked Stephen up, and headed for Rehoboth Beach. Woodbury is closer to southern New Jersey shore communities than it is to Rehoboth. However, we crossed the Walt Whitman Bridge, went to 95, and headed south, connected with Route One in Delaware, which took us straight (I mean forward) south to Rehoboth Beach, about a 2 and 1/2 hour journey. The house loaned to Adam and Stephen for the weekend was an old 3-bedroom cottage/bungalow in an area known as Silver Lake. It had a porch and deck with mature shade trees, and was located several blocks back from the ocean. The area is named for the body of water that lies between it and the beach, a pretty, but brackish lake that separates huge vacation houses built by the rich along the beach in the nineties from the rest of the community, and from Dewey Beach immediately to the South.

More later.

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Blogger Shaun D. Mullen said...

Holy Cowski Isaac. The DF&C and I were in the Rehoboth area while you were. We go down Rte. 1 to Key Box, a wonderful pets-allowed state park beach with broad sands and practically no one except the birds and dolphins this time of year.

Don't tell anyone about it. We'd like to kind of keep it secret.

Safe travels!

2:29 PM  

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