August 13, 2006

Finally, I feel alive again.

I have recuperated from the bug I think. I started taking my morning walks again. I even did my weights yesterday. The weights aren’t heavy, ten, twelve, and fifteen because my old joints and muscles just won’t lift more. I bought twenty pound weights two years ago and I try using them every once in a while, but so far, it’s no go. I have to admit, I can actually lift them in front of me, and do a few curls with them, but the shoulders hurt so bad when doing them, that I haven’t been able to make myself try a full set. I know they say, “no pain, no gain,” however, I’m not talking about soreness here. I’m talking actual joint pain, you know, like sharp, knife stabs. Ah well, I guess I could increase the number of sets I do with my ten and twelve pound weights, and do a single rep with the fifteen several times a day, to try and strengthen the muscles to the point where the muscles are helping the joint do the work. Yes. I’ll try that.

I’ll call Compass to resume my volunteer work today.

Writing to you is such a help, dear Journal.

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