August 10, 2006

Seniors Helping Seniors

I attended the “Seniors Caring for Seniors” meeting, and was welcomed with mostly open arms, though several people wouldn’t talk to me. A few others seemed weirded out. I wonder if I’ll have any of those on my calling list. I guess most of us in the geriatric set were around long before anyone was willing to think about a gay identity as anything but bizarre and / or even out of the question. Paul CadmusThe Seven Deadly Sins comes to mind though these paintings contain the gay master artist’s knowledge about the range of malevolent possibilities for the self ho matter the sexuality.

Getting Over the Bug

Went for a short walk this morning before the heat got really bad. I’m still weak and didn’t last very long. Got about 200 feet from my building and had to stop to sit on a bench. After 5 minutes sitting I got up and headed back. I hope stamina returns soon.

Adam Called

Seems he and Stephen had dinner out last night. Adam says they had a good time, and that it was like a first date. He’s been a good boy because he wants to win Stephen back. However, he has got to understand that promiscuity has consequences that run the gamut from getting AIDS to ending up single for ones entire life. I suppose the latter is not necessarily negative because I’m sure in the vast universe of human sexuality, there are those who are better off on their own. Never the less, I hope Stephen makes Adam wait for a while before giving in. Of course, I’m making an assumption. I haven’t talked to Stephen since he left South Florida so I don’t know whether he’s forgiven Adam, and whether or not reestablishing their relationship is even in the cards.

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