July 06, 2006

Apologies to Mike
On June 4th I received the following comment in reference to my posting for that date, “The Constitutional Amendment to Disenfranchise an Entire Class of Citizens.” I bungled the attempt to post it to “Isaac Stolzfuts’ Journal”, so I am presenting it today with my apologies to Mike, the writer of the comment.

Dear friend,

You wrote this, "Instead, this constitutional amendment is designed to limit the happiness of one group of people in order to satisfy the religious truthiness of an enangelical Christian minority."

This is not true. You assumption is a huge leap. There was no intent to limit happiness. You assume too much here. And, you blame Christians for this. Let me encourage you to think and write better. You show a judgmental bitterness that is not appropriate for a man your age.

Best to you,

Dear Mike,

I thank you for your comment of June 4, 2006, though it is “self-centered in opinion with curious lacunae of astonishing ignorance” (Frank Norris).

    1. First of all, there is a typo in the quote which of course makes the quote inaccurate.
    2. Second, in the last paragraph, your grammar leaves something to be desired. “Better” should be changed to “more correctly,” or perhaps the entire phrase might read “Let me encourage you to think and write in a more sophisticated fashion.”
    3. Third, whether or not the intent is there, the shortsightedness and self-serving bigotry present in the attempt to create a constitutional amendment that would limit the rights of ten to thirty million citizens of the USA would obviously put limits to their happiness.
    4. Fourth, I am a Christian. I do not blame Christians in general. Instead, I blame evangelical Christians. There are those Christians who believe that Jesus Christ would be the first to stand against the proposed and (thank goodness) failed (for now) constitutional amendment.
    5. Fifth, your final statement is so ageist that it demonstrates a total thoughtlessness concerning your elders. We are indeed, all of us, capable of “judgmental bitterness,” and I thank God for that capability. I, and all seniors would be vegetables if we were not capable of such. Indeed the major and minor prophets of the Old Testament often demonstrated such judgmental bitterness.

All of these points are made with “judgmental bitterness,” though with no personal malice.

My best wishes to you,


And My Life?

Is a shambles right now due to the recklessness of my grandson, Adam? He and Stephen are not speaking. I drove Stephen to Palm Beach Airport yesterday, and he flew back to New Jersey. Adam took the train to Fort Lauderdale, an extremely self-indulgent act to say the least. He still has not spoken to me about the sexual indiscretions that caused this imbroglio in the first place. I am so disappointed in Adam and I’m wondering why he is running from this wonderful relationship as though it were a building on fire! Actually that is not a good metaphor because Adam would have had to set the fire before fleeing the scene of the crime.

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