June 18, 2006

Tomorrow I Fly to BWI.

As I had mentioned back in April, Adam, my grandson and a friend will pick me up at the airport and drive me back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There, we will rent a truck, load it up with my furniture from THE BIG NEEDLE, and carry it back to South Florida. Of course, I have piles of the accumulated detritus of daily living in closets and storage space to trash. I have dishes, books, knick-knacks to pack, and a few things to pick up out at Orchard Hill. Of course, I’m not looking forward to an encounter with Ruth there. However, I want the few things left in my studio after she and The Professor raided and emptied it (Refer to entries of 2003 for that story.).

…accumulated detritus of daily living in closets and storage space…

Adam and his friend, I think his name is Stephen (I hope they are more than friends.), will carry me and my ancillary baggage bake to Florida sometime early next week, depending on the time it takes to get the packing done.

I am looking forward to finally finishing this move!

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