June 15, 2006

New Furniture
I’ve ordered 2 Petit Comfort chairs for the living room of my condominium from Classics Domain, a manufacturer of modern classic furniture on the World Wide Web. The chairs were expensive, and I have reservations about ordering things on line. Still, I couldn’t find the chairs locally as most of the stores in the area seem to be into very large and heavy looking traditional pieces. I’ve also purchased a couch, 9 by 12 foot oriental carpet, two side tables, a reading lamp, media center, high resolution TV, stereo speakers, DVD/CD player, and stereo receiver for my living room. It’s looking fairly well furnished, except for the large hole along the wall where my chairs will go. The chairs have to be manufactured over seas and shipped, but Classics Domain has promised delivery in 90 days. I can’t wait, but I must.

I’ve also bought a dining room table and 6 chairs from one of the many local consignment shops. These are quite elegant. The tabletop is 1/2 inch thick beveled glass and is supported by two large baroque looking concrete forms. The chairs are of dark wood with curled arms, seats and backs covered in a heavy gold damask fabric. I’ve also purchased 5 large mirrors of various shapes and sizes from another consignment shop and I’ve hung them on one wall of the dining room. The most elegant mirror has an elaborate gold leaf frame about 6 inches thick and is 48 inches wide by 54 inches high. Another has a very plain, black wood frame and is 24 inches by 32 inches. There is a small oval mirror with a narrow gold frame, ornate silver framed rectangular mirror, and a smaller gold framed mirror. The wall looks spectacular and reflects the entire dining room as well as the living room and porch beyond. I had some help hanging the mirrors from one of my neighbors, a handsome young man in his twenties. He’s working on his Master’s Degree in the humanities and lives with his mother and father just down the open-air walkway of my building. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not totally enamored of this young fellow. He is absolutely charming. Of course, I’m being a dirty old man, and I’m not reading the young man as gay, so I must keep my desires firmly in check.

"And, why wouldn't you anyway, Isaac. You're 86, he's in his 20's."

There I go talking to myself again!

As to completing the furnishing of my condo, I will bring several framed paintings and drawings, 2 oriental carpets, 3 side tables, 1 bedroom chair, two chests of drawers and my easy chair from THE BIG NEEDLE in Lancaster when Adam (my grandson) helps me move out next week. I will also need to buy some porch furniture and I’ll be done.

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this move to Florida! Some evenings I walk around the place in wonderment, look out the windows at the palm trees and live oaks silhouetted against the mauve, gold, and pink of the sunset. I turn around and see my almost completely furnished apartment, and I know I’ve made all the right decisions, finally.

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