April 20, 2006

Adam Will Help Me Move
My plans are totally revised!

My grandson, Adam, the middle school teacher in New Jersey, has volunteered to help me move my furniture from THE BIG NEEDLE in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to my new condominium in South Florida. So, I won’t have to have it shipped as I thought. I had checked out the cost of such a venture, and it looks as though my grandson will save me four to five thousand dollars.

Adam told me on the telephone last night that he finishes his teaching and his In Service obligations on the fourteenth of June. On the fifteenth, he and a friend will drive to Baltimore. I’ll fly back to BWI where Adam will pick me up and drive me home to Lancaster. I can leave my car here in Florida. Adam and his friend – If I remember right, his name is Stephan - will rent a truck, load it for me and drive it to Florida. So, I must still go back to Lancaster next week, do the paper work at PINY PRICKLY MANOR, see my friends there, and visit Ruth to try to calm her down a bit.

I’m so pleased, and excited to have Adam’s help in June. He’s my favorite of all the grandchildren. Remember, Dear Journal, he’s grown-up to be such a wonderful young man. He’s won awards for his teaching, and has written and obtained several grants for his classroom. I’m so proud of him. And, two years ago, he came out to me. He’s gay! I’m hopeful that Stephan might finally be that special someone Adam so deserves.

Queer Rocks

Once again I'm including another photograph from South Florida. This picture is of Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island during low tide. I especially liked the queer (pun intended) other worldly shapes of the ancient reef rocks.

Ancient Reef Rock Formations

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I'm so pleased that everything is finally coming together.

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